Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I nominate a business or individual for the Uckfield Business Awards?

Nominating a business or individual for the Uckfield Business Awards is a straightforward process. Start by exploring the various award categories to find the most suitable one. Once nominations open on April 9th, you’ll find a nomination form on our website. Fill it out with detailed information about the nominee and their achievements. Remember, a compelling nomination highlights not just the successes but also the impact on the community or industry.

2. What are the different categories I can enter or nominate someone for?

The Uckfield Business Awards feature a wide array of categories to cover the diverse landscape of our local business community. From “Business of the Year” to specialised categories like “Best Green Business,” “Best Family Business,” and the “Lifetime Achievement Award,” there’s a category for every remarkable story. For a detailed description of each category and criteria, visit our Award Categories page.

3. When are the key dates for the Uckfield Business Awards?

Mark your calendar with these key dates to ensure you don’t miss out on any part of the awards process:

  • Nominations Open: April 9th
  • Nominations Close: June 7th
  • Entries Close: June 21st
  • Shortlisted Finalists Announced: August 2nd
  • Tickets Available: July 15th
  • Awards Ceremony: September 26th

These dates are pivotal for participants and attendees alike, from nominating and entering to joining us for the grand awards night.

4. Where and when is the awards ceremony taking place?

The grand finale of the Uckfield Business Awards 2024, the awards ceremony, will be held in a black-tie event at the East Sussex National Hotel on Thursday, September 26th. This prestigious night will celebrate the exceptional achievements of businesses and individuals in the Uckfield area. For more information on the venue, how to get there, and what to expect, keep an eye on our website as the event approaches.

5. How are the winners selected?

Winners of the Uckfield Business Awards are selected through a meticulous judging process. Each category’s entries are reviewed by a panel of judges, comprised of local business leaders and industry experts. The judges evaluate entries based on specific criteria outlined for each category, including business performance, innovation, community impact, and sustainability. The process ensures a fair and transparent selection of winners who truly exemplify business excellence in and around Uckfield.

6. Can I attend the awards ceremony if I'm not a finalist?

Absolutely! The Uckfield Business Awards ceremony is a celebration of our entire business community, and we encourage attendance from a broad spectrum of businesses, community members, and supporters. Tickets will be available for purchase from July 15th. It’s a fantastic opportunity to network, celebrate local success stories, and enjoy a memorable evening.

7. How can my business become a sponsor of the Uckfield Business Awards?

Sponsoring the Uckfield Business Awards is a great way to demonstrate your support for the local business community and gain visibility. We offer various sponsorship packages, each providing different levels of exposure.

For more information on becoming a sponsor, including benefits and how to apply, please contact us directly at